Tensei Kendo no Harem Colosseum episode 1


The big-breasted elf Duranta, who is kind and clumsy and does not like fighting, has become the heroine of the arena where killing each other is unknowingly done.
She was actually an idol swordfighter who was made in the midst of killing each other, the Raikodan led by Laitius has a motto of entertaining customers, and in fact, a clever stop play before killing. I was working on it.
Not knowing such a thing, the impresario’s royal family, Dojikko Dobakahime Luna Hasor-chan, pretends to invite Duranta and her partner Rigsion to the villa and show the XX play. Sprinkle on.
Even a stupid girl couldn’t go against the command of the princess, and she was a rigsion who covered the big-breasted elf Duranta with her thick, rare meat stick in front of Luna …