Tensei Kendo no Harem Colosseum episode 3


Marstar is revered as the “red sword of the empire” with his fighting ability that is not like an empire’s princess.
Together with her beloved sister, Princess Luna Hasor, her lack of magical power has squeezed her princess, albeit her princess, into her corner with her fighting power.
She had a strong desire to be firmly recognized as her royal family, and she had endeavored to protect the prestige of her empire more than anyone else ….

Marstal notices the Ikasama of the Raikodan led by Laitius. Rigsion insists that she is different from Ikasama, even though she disbands her group and then beheaded
because she had her sister Luna Hasor’s favorite group as an enemy of her eyes . Her whereabouts of her were to be revealed in a duel. Marstal thought that it would spurt out blood and end it, but in reality it was quickly defeated, and as a result, all the prestige that had been built up until now was destroyed … and … won . There was no way to escape from Rigsion’s cock, with the promise that he could do whatever he wanted … but Princess Heppoko Marche. “Well, I didn’t know! So it’s okay. Forgive me.” Where is the dignity as a princess? In the innocent meat jar of the limbs that grew up,

She was mercilessly pushed in … “Tatta , Murimrimuri hurts, hurts, dies, dies! ” It was the beloved sister and princess who was looking into the “red sword of the empire” with empty feeling.