Evil Woman Executive episode 2


The female nation Great Lunariam is an evil organization that aims to invade the earth. Send fighters to the earth today to invade the earth!
However, the invasion of the earth does not progress slowly.
The Great Lunariam had one rule …
“Anyone who fails a mission must be punished for that failure.”
It is great to execute a punishment for a female executive who fails a mission.・ Katsuma, the only male executive in Lunariam.
He is a man who has a weak power of the “moon emblem”, which is a symbol of power, and is usually oppressed and used by female executives.
In the horror punishment room, the personal resentment of relieving the usual resentment is mixed, and Katsuma’s nasty punishment accelerates

!! Use the secret special ability “Emblem Steel” to steal everything from the female executives!
The target of the punishment this time is Beast Wolf Fist Serena and her Oboro who screams at the night .
Noble beasts fall into estrus tonight !!!