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Sexual Pursuit 2 episode 2

Everyone who came to visit the horrifying erotic game “Correlation Game” that started in the hospital room of Makoto is tossed.

Makoto who draws an H card with his longing sister-in-law “Misaki” and frolics. He has a mother-in-law “Natsuki” and his sister-in-law “Yuna”. A senior “Hina” who likes Misaki joins the game and the hospital room is confused.
This time, Makoto draws a 3P card and demonstrates his unequaledness.
The war was finally suspended with the words “Don’t quarrel because I can do as much as I can from now on” to the two who are actively seeking pleasure with Makoto.
However, Hina who screamed her throat for the first time in Makoto’s unequaled reach out to Makoto, saying, “Because Misaki’s younger brother Kun, I should enjoy it too.” However, Misaki’s counterattack begins …