Sexual Pursuit 2 episode 1


The horror game “Correlation Game” that cannot be ignored even if any H designation is started and cannot be stopped until it is cleared once started again.

Makoto who was admitted to the hospital with her sister-in-law’s Yuina, and Yuina who came to visit her mother-in-law Natsuki.
“Your brother, are you okay?”, But her sympathy was the strange game “SOUKAN-YUGI” given by a strange salesman.

In the hospital room, her sister-in-law Misaki joined and decided to start with four people.
Pip Pip ~ The roulette wheel on her game screen turned around, and a “massage” card came out. Makoto touches Yuina’s body.
“Ahaha, my brother tickles.”
“It’s a joke, but I have my own hands …”

Before I knew it, the eroticism of “correlated play” had started …