Immoral episode 2


With the power of the mysterious item “Aphrodisiac Inducing Spray” sent from nobody, the virgins who made themselves devoted to the naive female students Ayano Fujisaki and Kaho Adachi who had made themselves the enemies of their eyes were fully polluted. Takeshi Okamura who has exhausted. There was no face as a dull teacher anymore.
Takeshi, who was training Kaho in the school using a spray today, is witnessed by a female student, Aimi Kawai.
Aimi was sunk by the fact that Kaho’s older sister Kyoko, who had the same sex as her but had feelings equal to her affection, had a boyfriend, but she used the power of the spray that she happened to know to her at once. Kyoko is trapped in order to fulfill her feelings. Aimi tries to take away Kyoko’s chastity by spraying while pretending to be a caretaker in her infirmary, but she is found by Takeshi and her protagonist is replaced. Kyoko who began to begging indecently in front of her is scattered with chastity with Takeshi’s big cock, and even Amatsu witnesses the whole story of semen being poured into the back of the womb.
In addition, Takeshi sprays Aimi and drives her fresh limbs to the bottom of pleasure with wrinkles in order to dedicate her virginity.