Immoral episode 1


prestigious school “Sakuragaoka Gakuin” is famous for being attended by many children of good families.
The main character, Takeshi Okamura, is a “dull Kun” who is tossed by the female students who are in the prime of Namiki, a single teacher who teaches there. In a woman’s garden filled with the sweet and sour sweat odor peculiar to adolescence and a body odor similar to milk, the flower that bloomed in a modest manner-Kyoko Adachi is called a “teaching daughter” while giving such a secret feeling to Takeshi. It was a flower of Takamine with a wall.
A girl-like transparent beauty, limbs that start to wake up to a woman and draw dangerous undulations, straight hair that is not decorated but has never been tampered with by anyone. And perhaps pubic hair that only hides the source of shame that is tightly closed and does not know how to care for it. In Takeshi, the forbidden fruit called Kyoko changes day by day.
One day the story begins. A small flower found by Takeshi in a corner of the flowerbed of the academy. The flower, which reminds me of Kyoko somewhere, gave off a mysterious scent. Takeshi prepares a perfume from flowers to make it a gift for Kyoko’s birthday, but it has a tremendous effect. If it’s a woman, it’s a virgin, but it has an aphrodisiac-like scent that instantly makes her mellow. Ayano Fujisaki, whose mother is a director of the Parents’ Association, who has been involved as usual to make fun of Takeshi’s obedience. It all started when she smelled the scent …
Takeshi’s reason melts into the nasty appearance of a teacher who begs for lost virgin while twisting her ass that gives off a virgin odor that can be clearly seen.