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Kowaku no Toki episode 1

Western-style building in the mountains. An obscene ritual that was held there that cannot be seen on the map.
Yukino Hongo, a beautiful girl who continues to be humiliated and trained as a shrine maiden.
From her vagina to the womb, the men were messing around to accept her bull’s cock in her womb in place of her mother, Ruriko, her predecessor shrine maiden.
Yukino who had given up everything because she had killed her emotions.
An unnamed man appeared in her dream and reached out as if to rescue her … but

one day, a man in that dream appeared in front of Yukino … Nampa I’ve done … “… It’s an old pick
-up. This isn’t the place where people like you come. Please go home.”
To stay.
Yukino hits Kyosuke every time, but he doesn’t seem to turn down at all.

The dream seems to come true … When I try to put my hand on the hand extended to Kyosuke ,
Kyosuke is murdered … Yukino was worried about Kyosuke, but today she also exposes her naked body under the vulgar men, and while being tampered with the hole called a hole, she inserts a dull shining needle into her taut and fresh soft skin. there were