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Kowaku no Toki episode 2

Western-style building in the mountains. An obscene ritual that cannot be seen from the map.
Ai Hongo, a virgin shrine maiden who dresses up a large dress in her poor body.

“Older brother, get up”
Ai tries to cover Kyosuke who is sleeping. A faint bulge could be seen naked through the gaps in her loose dress.

Ai sits
on Kyosuke’s lap sitting on the bed.
Her firm ass squeezes Kyosuke’s butt tightly, and her chest peeking over her shoulder is claimed by a pointed nipple on a modest bulge.

“Ai-chan, did you fall asleep?” Ai
was lying on her back waiting for Kyosuke to leave her seat.
Her unprotected and adorable sleeping lips. Kyosuke’s stiff and standing man is screwed in as if she were to pry her little lips open …
Kyosuke didn’t notice the tears shining in her eyes.

At the same time …
Yukino, who was so impatient, was rolled on her floor, exposing her secret part in a state of immobility.