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Kowaku no Toki episode 4

In the room next to Kyosuke, Momoko is unknowingly defeated.
In the process of becoming a catalyst that conceives her case, she was able to turn her pain into pleasure in her vague consciousness, and became a person who devoured excessive pleasure.
On the other hand, Kyosuke, who was made to forget her Momoko’s existence, continued to push up her legs wrapped in Yukino’s black stockings, as if she had forgotten everything about Yukino and Aokan in the park … ….
However, Yukino is steadily making preparations with Kyosuke as his back.

Momoko slipped out of her bloated stomach and took out something like a matter, and after she was squirming …
it became a meat urinal and was turned violently … It was all about devouring a meat stick … ….
When Kyosuke remembered Momoko …