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Kowaku no Toki episode 3

Momoko Momono. She is a detective assistant apprentice. She has big breasts. She looks erotic. She is a dojikko.
Such her Momoko takes good care of her boss, detective Kyosuke.
Wake up in the morning, put together her work, assistant, secretary and housekeeper? In such a situation … However, Momoko was happy. She is not just an assistant, but a woman.
Yukino-san came between them.

It was Kyosuke who decided to live in his apartment as well as his workplace because he was concerned about her losing her parents’ house in the previous job.
Momoko, whose complicated thoughts swirl, tried her best while pretending to be her healthy as usual.

One day, something left behind that she notices on her way home from work. Momoko returned in a hurry, but as she
approached the door, she heard a sweet roar. What is reflected in her Momoko’s eyes looking through her slightly open window is …
“Kyosuke-san, more violently”
Yukino-san straddling Kyosuke with a sloppy face and devouring her pleasure. ..
Momoko in shock. However, Momoko, who couldn’t move away from her, stared at her involuntarily, and it was a rugged man’s hand that she approached her gradually burning limbs.

It’s been a few days since Momoko disappeared. Meat dishes are lined up on Kyosuke’s dining table almost every day.
“I got a lot from my neighbor. Because I bought a lot,”
Yukino tells with an innocent smile. In her hand, she had a plate with a hot steaming kidney pie on it …