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Shihai no Kyoudan episode 4

Doing this … are you going to destroy yourself?
He was pondering on the bed in the infirmary, but he couldn’t stand the limbs of the nursery teacher Anna, and he changed his mind after Risako and blamed him at once. I decided to do it.
However, Anna-sensei’s words, tied to her bed and spit out after humiliating her first meat jar with her rigidity, were unpredictable. Do you do?
He greets the joy of surrendering an older female teacher who cries and regrets, and in order to thoroughly strip off the mask of the saint prince, he further despise her to ○○
… Well, why is this happening?
On the other hand, a serious female teacher, Risako-sensei, who was once a beginner, faces in the physical education warehouse.
After realizing that what he had done for him was a ridiculous act, he kept a certain distance from him, but he was forced to answer the call because he was holding a secret that could not be ignored. ……
I was bitterly staring at the mini-sized gym shorts that were thrown in front of me and didn’t make up the body of my clothes …