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Shihai no Kyoudan episode 3

If it’s for you … Mrs.Risako who is going to give a special individual supplementary lesson in the classroom.
She never gave up and patiently cheered him up for what she couldn’t save, just as she was liable.
Perhaps because of that, he was offered his own supplementary lessons in an attempt to make up for what was delayed due to unreasonable rustication, as if he had opened his heart little by little.
She makes further suggestions to Risako, who is enthusiastic about teaching him.
He wants his teacher to give a blowjob.
At his offer, but she was confused by the words that could not be reached by mobilizing all her knowledge.
That … fellatio? What is it …?
As if he had seen something impossible, he proposes to Professor Risako.
Well then, I’ll tell you to thank her for her class.
While hiding the black smile behind it, he humiliated Risako, who knew nothing, to her selfish selfishness …