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Shihai no Kyoudan episode 2

Hmm, where are you looking? filthy!
It is the female teacher, Miria, who looks at the student, Yoshiyuki, with a more despised look than words.
Yoshiyuki, who has a plan to prostrate her, will immediately receive the tutoring education that the students are rumored to have with an irreverent attitude in the class of Miraia.
It was close to the torture of her education … the flow of threatening her as she had expected was too stupid.
In front of her, Miria’s limbs, full of bitterness that are tied up and can’t even move, tremble with her anger.
Solve it quickly, okay, I’ll educate you so that you can never do this again!
Yoshiyuki distorts the huge breasts that claim to be straight bangs more than that face, ignoring the bullish face that does not collapse even if driven.
In front of Miria who shouts in astonishment, the humiliation is further dripping with a mashimashi.