Tensei Kendo no Harem Colosseum episode 2


Raikodancho Cho-Lightius.
Despite her cute appearance, ears, and fluffy tail, she is a long-lived beast race, and she is an experienced adult woman.
The Raikodan, led by her, was in the heyday of killing each other, aiming for a sword fight as a spectacle rather than just killing each other.

Meanwhile, the rigsion I found in the XX market.
“The one who brings wisdom, isn’t it?”
The answer she arrived at was his existence that embodies the ideal he was aiming for.
To him, whose experienced knowledge is immeasurable, she was blazing her tiny body.
“Aunt’s hole, I’m sorry. I’ll swallow it like that.” She begs for a stiff stick that is so big that it doesn’t look good in a small hole, andshe brings a dangerous sense of immorality. He was …

Duranta, an idol of a group who didn’t know about that.
She headed for him today, shaking her long ears and swaying her big boobs, quivering her plump hips.
There is no way to know that he is now holding her small body and pushing her violently with a stick that captivated her …