Snow Night Stories episode 1


The stage is “a certain samurai residence in the Tohoku region”. The beautiful concubine tells a sleeping story to her beloved Wakaden tonight.
“Tonight’s lustrous story …”

There was a couple who were as old as their parents in a remote village. Two people who look happy while being busy with daily farm work … However, she who should be happy had some troubles.
The owner who can’t stand the white nape. She asks for her body … an act that should be gratifying, but the hot flashes of her little wife’s body … she can’t feel joy in her act with her husband, who ends earlier than herself. Every day I lie down in the murmuring of the river alone. She felt vain in the act of comforting her blazing body.
One day, the owner went down to the town at the foot of the mountain. Tonight she was alone in her house … it was a very sleepy night. “Rattling, rattling!” The wife who noticed the noise and got up. Who on earth is this day without a host …?
“Well, is there anyone?”
A man with a knife suddenly appeared in front of her.
“Hey! Give me money!” I was surprised at the thief who suddenly appeared, but behaved patiently, and I took it as a handball …! How did she protect herself from thieves !?