Shoujo Kyouiku episode 1


Yoichi Shiraishi became a long-sought teacher and had a fulfilling life in terms of work.
On the other hand, a few years went by without her being able to sacrifice his private part.
However, a turning point came due to the change of assignment, and now she is pretty.

Sai Inagaki. She is a student of Yoichi and is an honor student type who is both literary and martial arts.
Every time she woke up in the morning, Yoichi suspected that she was a dream, but she realized her happiness with the smell of breakfast made by Sai.
Sai frequently visits Yoichi’s room to prepare meals. However, today’s Sai has a different atmosphere than usual.

Looking closely, Sai wore nothing but an apron.
Yoichi’s reason when he saw such a figure was blown away, and she carved a kiss mark on her developing body.