Shoujo Kyouiku episode 2

Yoichi Shiraishi became a long-sought teacher and had a fulfilling life in terms of work.
On the other hand, a few years went by without him being able to use his private part.
However, a turning point came due to the change of assignment, and now she is pretty.

Asami Hinata. She is a member of the photography club, advised by Yoichi.
She’s a quiet type of girl who doesn’t stand out, but the days she spends with her have changed a little.
He has been away from love-loving sex since his first experience, such as having Asami who had a collar attached to a school swimsuit serve, and blaming sex toys while tied up.

Asami, who normally wants to be loved, decided to go home secretly to Yoichi and ask for it there.

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