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Sansha Mendan Rensa Suru Chijoku Choukyou no Gakuen episode 4

Even Namaiki’s chairman, Marika, who thought that it would help Aina, was suddenly broken by the situation that she had already got
it . I had no choice but to do all this … In a classroom where no one was there, Marika pressed the bulge of the mons pubis from her skirt, which she had lifted up, against the corner of her desk.
She trembled with that sensation, unable to put up with her blazing body, lying on her desk, boldly inserting her fingers into her own lips and indulging in masturbation. …… I couldn’t know that the camera of the smartphone was firmly stored.
Wow, I’ll do it … So, don’t touch her with Marika, her beloved daughter’s foolery exposed in front of her school principal Mifuyu.
She also exposed her mellow limbs to help her who could not speak properly because of the loneliness of being alone in the principal’s office, and the appearance of indulging in pleasure alone, because of the backlash seen by her daughter. The appearance of crawling hands will be shown in front of my daughter again … I never dreamed of a naive limb and a plump limb.
Further ○○ was done to fully enjoy the shameful juice dripping from her beautiful mother and daughter …