Sansha Mendan Rensa Suru Chijoku Choukyou no Gakuen episode 1


Ryo laughs at the fate of being transferred to Josei Gakuen.
Aina Hagiura, a female teacher of Japanese history, is an adviser to the rhythmic gymnastics club who is kind and has a lot of trust from the students.

In the past, Ryo was the younger sister of Yuna Hagiura, a female teacher of the original school who forcibly carved the first man into her lustrous limbs and made a move to Josei Gakuen instead of leaving school due to the concealment constitution of the fried phrase school. there were.
Taking the opportunity of reunion with her sister Yuna, Ryo enjoys the sow service again with ○○ to her sister as a story, and in order to show the corrupt appearance of her beloved sister Yuna, she binds her sister Aina and calls Yuna. And, Yuna who was blindfolded, in front of
her beloved Aina, started to serve the sow to the meat stick that had fallen to the point of obedience … Yuna who is obscenely panting and getting wet and falling.
Aina ignites her limbs with her anger as her beloved sister obediently flirts with her hated cock …