Kichiku: Haha Shimai Choukyou Nikki episode 1


Ugly man’s lust experiment! Otaku’s runaway does not stop!

Quiet Nikaido family living in a residential area.
There lived a beautiful mother “Hitomi” who didn’t feel the age and her sisters “Nao” and “Hitomi” who inherited the beauty of her mother.
His father is three people who are working abroad alone … He lived without any inconvenience, but
one day his relative “Kinichi” will be present to study for the entrance examination.
But that was the beginning of his insulting and training experiments!

Kinichi, an ugly man who looks ugly. Nao reveals discomfort from the first look.
One day she was mixed with a fornication agent in her drink, and when her consciousness was stunned, she was insulted by Kinichi.
Nao is threatened by the video every time and has a relationship.
She resists her at first, but her pleasures come to win …