Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e episode 1


One day, Yuichi at the end of the night shift is sent to another world by a girl he meets on the roadside.
The place where I woke up was the elf world “Alf Helm” centered on the sacred tree.
Elves who were not blessed with children were on the verge of extinction there.

Rejoicing at the summoning of Yuichi, the elf “Ruche” who first met,
the elder “Nor” who summoned Yuichi to Alfhelm, and the
high elf “Philis” all plead with Yuichi to make children.

When Yuichi, whose semen was exploited by Ruche and his friends, entered the forest,
he saw an elf “Evelyn” with unfamiliar skin.
Elven natural enemies who appeared to chase Evelyn, “Dark Elves”
… What is the true identity of “Evelyn”?