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Love es M The Animation episode 1

Six months after the three became a secret relationship … their relationship remained unchanged.
Ayaka of “Playmate” is restrained, and a vibe that vibrates violently is put in the dick.

Yoshito was filming the figure with a video camera.
Her Ayaka is unbearable for her pleasure enhanced by her restraint x toys x staring.
Ayaka, a “lover and playmate,” wears the rotor given to Yuto and decides to take on a sprint in a physical education class.

Ayaka, who was told, “If you can’t run to the end, it’s a punishment,” couldn’t stand the stimulus and stopped halfway …
After that, Ayaka and Ayaka were detained in bondage on the roof after school.

There was nothing but two people on the roof, and a gag ball was attached to his mouth, and he couldn’t even talk …