I Got Fucked Every Day I Got Rin-chan’s Stamps And Got Her To Have Sex At A Bonus Party


Japanese:【動く】毎日ヤれるアイドル 推しのりんちゃんのスタンプ集めて特典会セックスしてもらった

Ah!, Rin-chan, the underground idol that I secretly stan without telling anyone. She’s a bit of a naughty one, you see, offering her fans a special back fan service where, if you accumulate enough stamps, she’ll reward you with a steamy sex session. Rumor has it that she gets up to some really wild stuff with her fans every time she performs live, but of course, I can’t publicly endorse that kind of thing. I’ve been trying to save up stamps by buying merch and shaking hands with Rin-chan, but with my measly salary, it’s been a slow and steady process. But finally, the day has arrived! I’ve collected enough stamps to redeem my first stamp card and finally lose my virginity! With a mix of excitement and nervousness coursing through me, I make my way to the live house where Rin-chan will be performing. I can’t wait to make my dream a reality!