Doomsday Cradle




“Doomsday Cradle” is a steamy Japanese-hentai movie from the animation studio Slaman’s Farm, with a run-time of 111 minutes. The movie explores a dystopian world where only two people remain, a man and a young girl.

The man wakes up after a long 20,000-year sleep, only to discover a grim fate that awaits him. The robots, the only other inhabitants besides the two of them, tell him that the human race is extinct. The only way to resurrect humanity is for these two people to become “father” and “mother” to the next generation.

In this world where there is no law, no ethics, and no sense of humanity, the man and young girl give in to their primal desires. They engage in steamy sessions of blowjob, creampie, doggy style, masturbation, and facial, creating a world of their own.