Mankitsu Happening episode 4


Keiichi Oyamada, a man who was born with a female distress.
He has had “good feelings” with hundreds of women.
What a woman who was involved with him, regardless of each other’s will, accidental happenings overlap and develop into lucky lewd.
However, at present, a quiet old bird was singing at Freedom, a manga cafe where Keiichi serves.

This is because the customer was robbed by the medium, a rival store where Sayaka Mido, the daughter of the beautiful president, is enrolled.
Keiichi heads for a medium reconnaissance with three women, Rei Suzukawa, Ruri Hiiragi, and Otona Mizuki, who are lucky and lewd and have a naughty relationship.

What is the astonishing propensity of Sayaka Mido that the four people witnessed there …?