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Mankitsu Happening episode 2

Keiichi Oyamada, a man who was born with a female distress.
He has had “good feelings” with hundreds of women.
What a woman who was involved with him, regardless of each other’s will, accidental happenings overlap and develop into lucky lewd.
One day, Keiichi, who works at a manga cafe, visits a suspicious person wearing a hat.

It was a new idol, Mitsuki Otona, who disguised himself as an ordinary person.
Keiichi acts cautiously to avoid Otona, but she cannot avoid her lucky lewdness …
Otona wearing a Pichi Pichi T-shirt wears a cola and enters her private shower with Keiichi. Especially !?
In addition, Rorikko Hiiragi Kururu and Suzukawa Rei, a big-breasted inverted nipple, also participated in the war, and the scene is a lucky lewd lawless zone ♪