The secret of a new erotic manga artist


Japanese Title: 新人エロ漫画家のひみつ〜資料のためならアプリで出会った男とハメ撮りしてもいいですよね〜

“I can’t just find someone to have a naughty time that easily, you know?”

At that moment, this ad on my damn smartphone caught my eye. “Are you’re looking for some steamy encounters, baby?”

I’m Nozomi Hanada, a newbie in the world of erotic manga. I’ve been struggling to capture those intense, passionate moments, feeling all unsure and shit. But then, this ad pops up outta nowhere. Could it be that gathering some “research material” here might help me out? I mean, I ain’t exactly a pro when it comes to mind-blowing sexual experiences.  But it’s worth a shot, right?