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Nozoki Kanojo episode 1

Kaede Yoshizawa is an honor student.
She routinely goes to class after she has a chat with the security guard, Hiiragi-san, from the watering of the flowerbed every day.
Hiiragi-san, who talks to Kaede, has her daily masturbation with a large copy of her voyeur photo of Kaede on the monitor in the security room.
“I’ll make Kaede a thing.”
Hiiragi-san’s decision line at the moment when he rushes.
Kaede’s best friend is Yoko Nishino.
My boyfriend is an athletic club, and he is a good friend who admits himself and others.
Of course, Kaede is also familiar with them.
That’s why Yoko
couldn’t keep up with Kaede’s head in the sight in front of her.
In an empty classroom that happened to pass by, Yoko and a new security guard, Mr. Kusuda, were staring at the violently swirling figure …
“Yoko … Why …”
Bare in front of the stunned Kaede. It was Kaede who stood up for the man,
“Isn’t it Kaede-san, I hate being seen?” Kaede was hugged in her arms …