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Nozoki Kanojo episode 3

Yui Shiraishi, my best friend, is as longing as Kaede.
Kaede complains , ” Don’t imagine it strange,” as if to block her reflected in Hiiragi’s line of sight, which has been greedy for Kaede.
But … what was shown there was a face that my best friend didn’t know.
“Have you put it out yet? You haven’t said it’s okay, right?”
Yui, who clogs her younger boyfriend with a sadistic smile, was an obscene girl who actively blames and squeezes out, which is different from the usual calm atmosphere
. Show me something like this. ”
Kaede is embarrassed, but Kaede’s body is devoured again.
“Don’t get excited while complaining.” Her
body, which endures her bullishness, will eventually become accustomed to the cock of a hateful man … as if she
desperately ridicules Kaede who has a strong spirit. , She is declared to attack Yui.
“I’ll never let you do that.”
Kaede was chasing her to act with Yui to protect her best friend …