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Mankitsu Happening episode 1

Keiichi Oyamada, a man who is born with a female distress.
He has had “good feelings” with hundreds of women.
The woman who was involved with him developed into a “lucky lewd” due to accidental happenings regardless of each other’s intentions.
However, that is just the phase of women’s distress.

After a good feeling, he was hit by a disaster, and he hadn’t done all his work so far.
One day, Keiichi decided to live alone, and a few friends called him.

The content was that he wanted me to work at a manga cafe that I run.
Keiichi decided to work because he couldn’t refuse his friend’s offer.

However, at the manga cafe where she got a job, she was suddenly teamed up with a female clerk and reunited with her beloved daughter like her sister.
Keiichi struggles every day while being puzzled by the situation that both right and left are women.

Will he be able to continue working safely !?