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Mankitsu Happening episode 3

Keiichi Oyamada, a man who was born with a female distress.
He has had “good feelings” with hundreds of women.
What a woman who was involved with him, regardless of each other’s will, accidental happenings overlap and develop into a lucky lewd.
One day, there was a woman looking up at the building containing the manga cafe. She is Sayaka Mido, the daughter of a beautiful president who came to inspect the hostility.

The hero who saw Sayaka walking around the store was worried about her suspicious behavior.
As she is vigilant, Sayaka tries to enter the backyard.

The hero who chases and Sayaka who runs away.
Immediately after that, Sayaka collides with the cardboard boxes piled up in the warehouse, and the promised “lucky lewd” is activated.