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Kiss Hug episode 2

Seo, who has long been not good at joining the circle of people because of withdrawal, met “Yui” and “Megu” and learned the importance of friends.
Seo confessed to the two that she had never had a friend or girlfriend in the past, and Yuito Megu robbed Seo of her first kiss, a virgin.
From there, the playfulness of the two became worse every day, and eventually I became a sexual desire processor of many girls.
“Still, the three are crazy friends.”

[Shiofuki Manager Masato-kun]
Suddenly, “Minori,” a childhood friend of “Masato,” suddenly asks Masato to help her alone because she can’t touch herself. Consult.
At first she was a true person who was happy to be able to touch her favorite Minori’s body, but on the contrary she began to feel her existence far away.
Therefore, Masato decided to rush Minori who wanted it and manage it.
A week later, there was Minori, whose reason was completely femaleized on the verge of collapse.

Includes “Saseo no Seo-kun” and “Shiofuki Manager Masato-kun” from the original “KissHug”