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Kiss Hug episode 1

Natsumi Kusunoki, a door-to-door salesperson who “contracts”, goes to Kamano’s house, a resident of the Boro apartment.
She is selling a new product called “Decamalan D”, and now she comes with a trial experience as a sample !!
Natsumi decides to force her to drink and try the effect.
The energetic agent with a lasting power of about 6 hours is also good for girls !!

“Home cooking and love”
Chizuru, a childhood friend under 10 children.
She grew up like her brother and sister when she was young.
Chizuru was weak and was repeatedly hospitalized and discharged, and she gradually stopped meeting.
And she reunites for the first time in a few years …
I want to sleep with her Haru’s older brother.
Chizuru confesses her thoughts since her childhood.
The two who have grown up will convey their favorite feelings to each other while overlapping their bodies.