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Machi Gurumi no Wana: Hakudaku ni Mamireta Shitai episode 2

When Atsuko was being killed at Kenji’s house ……… Yui and Shinji were waiting at home as usual.
Yui, who is defenseless with a bath towel after taking a bath, is stunned by the photo spread on her table.
“This, this, my sister …”
Shinji has a difficult face while looking at the picture of Atsuko sucking. The other person in the photo is Kenji.
“I wonder if Atsuko was blaming herself …”
When she noticed Shinji’s unusual atmosphere, she was stripped of her bath towel and had male eyes in front of Shinji. In addition, Yui cannot resist and is devoured.
She didn’t want to worry about Atsuko, so she endured alone, but before Yui, Soichiro and Kenji’s parents and children were approaching.
Atsuko who hasn’t been seen for a few days … Yui had to swallow Soichiro’s request to protect Atsuko, and finally even the asshole that wasn’t there was exposed to the sun …
” What’s that, kinky, no … Yui’s ass
is mercilessly rugged and thick fingers open without worrying about Yui’s sad expression …