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Machi Gurumi no Wana: Hakudaku ni Mamireta Shitai episode 4

Yaya stick that overflows with the feelings for Atsuko-sensei. I was just touching her teacher’s lips.
Atsuko-sensei, who is already a second-hand item, is surprised at Hachiya, who is happy to receive her virginity.
“Virgin … I am … Muu …”
Atsuko-sensei, who cannot escape from Hachiya, is approaching …
Yui, a younger sister who is worried about Atsuko-sensei.

“Your sister, can’t you go home yet?”
“That’s right, I think it will take a little longer.
” ..
And as recommended by my dad, Yui headed for a volunteer preparatory course …
“Yui-chan’s boobs are tiny, but this is in demand.”
It was a harsh humiliation called the course … ….
Atsuko-sensei was vacant at home without knowing the situation of such a younger sister.

Then someone came and opened the door and a man came.
It took less than a few seconds to remember that he was invited by Hachiya to blame him for two holes …