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Machi Gurumi no Wana: Hakudaku ni Mamireta Shitai episode 3

As a new teacher at Nansui Gakuen, Atsuko has moved to Minamisui-cho, which is managed by Mayor Oguro, who is an acquaintance of her father, Shinji.
She is an erotic cute Atsuko sensei who has a sense of mission to do her best from the student’s point of view as a teacher. Just like trying her Atsuko, severe trials come one after another.
“Lie … Tomoe-chan …”

On the way home, Atsuko, who is shopping at the supermarket, tries to talk to Tomoe, a female student in front of her.
Tomoe sneaks sweets into her bag right in front of her. The clerk who spotted it, grabbed her hand and took her to the backyard.
She was Atsuko, who often became Bowzen, but hurriedly headed to the bagyard to follow her for her students.
However, Atsuko, who came in front of the office-like room she finally found, doubted the sight inside the thinly opened door.
“No, I’m sorry …” A clerk who pushes up the tomoe on
all fours from the front to the back.
Atsuko stares at Tomoe, whose skin is also cloudy, but when she returns to herself, she hurries and goes inside to stop the act.
“Wow, I’ll do it …”
Atsuko tries to persuade Tomoe to stop her actions, but on the contrary, she is threatened to take her place.
Atsuko, who sacrifices herself for her students, makes her plump, adult erotic limbs kneel in front of the clerk …