[Authentic 3D Erotic Anime] Innocent Gal JK -the animation- After school sweet and erotic love story with a truly innocent yet naughty gal who loves you very much [Airi Sonohara]


Japanese:【本格3Dエロアニメ】ウブギャルJK-the animation- ほんとはウブでえっちで貴方のことが大好きなギャルと放課後あまあまなれそめえっち…


VTuber belonging to PinkPunkPro, Airi Sonohara, has been turned into a 3D animation! Enjoy the delicate, beautiful, and naughty visuals of this otaku-friendly gal’s originality.

With flashy blonde hair, an open neckline, and a bright personality, there’s a gal in the same class named Sonohara. Even though you thought you had no connection with her, one day she calls you out after school. It seems she wants you to teach her how to study… As the two of you get closer in the classroom alone, the atmosphere gradually improves…