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Yokujou Bazooka The Animation episode 1

・ “Linked Mirror”
Takaya’s “mirror that reflects the place you want to see”. Moreover, you can even touch the reflected object.
Takaya uses that power to spoil the girls in her class with naughty mischief.
In addition to mischief, I inserted it into my childhood friend Ayano … !!

・ “Katekyo no Sense ♀”
Ronin ・ Shota’s tutor was a genius girl, Konatsu, who went on to a skipping class.
Shota, who is disappointed to be ridiculed by her younger Konatsu, makes her watch a naughty DVD under the name of “practice of practical health and physical education”.
And the next day, Konatsu asked her to teach her “health and physical education” …!?