Yakata: Kannou Kitan episode 2


This is the XX building.
The master who is a trainer is a well-known person in that source. However, it seems that the method is too selfish and is glared at by the upper management of the organization to which it belongs.
This time, we visited the famous Zenzakuraji family, who were famous in the upper class.

Ayame, a widow, Miki, the eldest daughter with strong-willed eyes, and Ruri, the second daughter with a cheerful smile.
Ryo Kurohara, my maid and watcher, gets a little excited just thinking about how they can be disciplined by their husband’s poisonous fangs.
“Oh, that … should I do a little more … it’s still big.”

It is customary for all ladies to be trained to be thrown out, but only Lady Ruri is willing to offer herself.

Lady Ruri is awkward, but she sucks hard and is boldly fucked.
I try to train her ass hole carefully, but Ruri-sama is very frightened and it is another opportunity.
Still, her body was shining more and more obscenely …
In addition to that, she was also very attentive to the lord (only for her husband, maybe), and she had the qualities of a female ○○ that was different from her sister, Miki.

However, Lady Ruri comes to borrow various books to make her happy, but her curiosity is that …
Even today, the lady’s voice echoes obscenely in the hall …