Oppai Heart Kanojo wa Kedamono Hatsujouki! episode 2


Big breasts cheerleader Mari. Taking the relationship with her friend Tatsuya one step further, the days of her lovers ♪
However, due to the influence of beasts, the estrus state does not change regardless of where …
Mari of the naked apron is fucking in the health room Pacifier service with a blowjob! However, Miya suddenly appeared.
She is on the verge of getting caught, and they are well deceived.

During her date, she is in heat this time around the city. However, her rushed public toilet is for men …
She is in a private room, but Mari in estrus can’t stand her, ignores Tatsuya’s restraint, and copulates beasts while killing her voice so that the person next to her doesn’t get caught!
Moreover, Mari, a beast, continues to be in heat after that …

“I wonder if she can get an antibody soon …” Mari walks sighing and sighing.
“That … Tatsuya and Natsuki-senpai …” She rushed past her in a hurry, paying attention to her eyes.
…… Starting from that day, Tatsuya’s attitude becomes unfriendly with each passing day.
And in front of Mari, there is a serious figure of Tatsuya who enters the student council room with Natsuki and closes her key …