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Oppai Heart Kanojo wa Kedamono Hatsujouki! episode 1

Miya Akino is the student council president and is popular with everyone. However, she is actually a natural dojikko, a girl who loves her younger brother, and a beautiful girl with big breasts who is really useless. And her younger brother, Tatsuya Akino, is a hard worker who works to follow his younger brother’s loveless sister.
These two and other student association members were caught up in unnecessary turmoil because they drank the drug “Wild Juice” developed by the biological teacher Keiko Makihara

Miya who works hard with Tatsuya.
She has to have sex to calm her estrus, and she can’t make a vaccine without getting pregnant …
And Miya, whose symptoms of beasting become more frequent than ever due to the beasting virus that is activated every day.
At first she was in heat only with her favorite Tatsuya, but eventually Miya’s body began to react to any man …