Elf no Futagohime Willan to Arsura episode 1


There, in the mountainous area near the border, the princess of the elf country, Arsula and her twin sister, Willan, the paladin, are abducted by someone while marrying to the human prince.
The two were imprisoned separately, and the abducted Zhang himself, half-elf Darshlas, first began training his courageous sister, Willan.

Willan tries to get revenge from behind the door with a kaiken, but fails.
In front of Willan, who keeps the elf’s chastity and is prepared to commit suicide, “I don’t mind … in that case, until I train your sister …”

Willan suffers.

If the gentle and pure twin sisters are polluted …! And decides to dedicate her chastity to the dirty man in front of her.

I should have been humiliated by many orders, but my crotch is honey …

“Willan’s … right, virgin pussy … please make your cock messed up!”

Repeated sex, training Willan has become quiet after receiving it.
Darshlas begins to do his twin sister, Arsula, in front of Willan to step up to the next training …

Only my dear sister has a hard time!

“Ah … I hate … Willan, I’m already … I, Iku! I’m Coming … I’m crazy!”

Twin princesses who protect each other steadily and receive the limit of training.
What will happen to the two elves in the pleasure that seems to fall !!