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Kojin Jugyou episode 1

Kyo-chan and Aya are childhood friends who are a little different in age. On the day when Kyo-chan is assigned to the school where Aya attends as a school doctor, Aya dedicates her virginity to Kyo-chan as a celebration. Kyo-chan started living alone when she got a job. He has a fulfilling life as a school doctor at a girls’ school. However, when Aya often comes to the infirmary with a false illness, he asks for sex. Kyo-chan tries to poke her because she’s at work, but she can’t beat Aya’s temptation. And he still has sex in the infirmary today. Aya is not satisfied with the first round and hopes for the second round, but she is disturbed by the teacher who came to the health room because she was worried about Aya.