Harukoi Otome episode 2


As it is now, the cherry blossoms danced in the middle of the spring, so … the memory I recovered …
Akihito, who knew the event of the accident, dropped his shoulders and was confused and shocked. However, he accepts the reality and realizes that his feelings have begun to fluctuate before he knows it.
A few days later, Akihito, Riryu, and Ayaka were seen at the Reimeikan. It was Hami who came there to get the order.
Two people who notice Akihito and exchange words … However, their appearances are strong and unnatural.
It may have been good if I had a brother-sister relationship, but after that day, no one can hide that discomfort.
Yuika’s lonely gaze staring at Akihito … Nyuna’s words … Riryu’s concern … Hami’s thoughts …
Time has passed, and Akihito’s feelings have become even stronger, and that time has come.
“I like Hami …”