Tsugou no Yoi Sexfriend? episode 2


Yu Arahama, the main character with five sex friends.
However, the situation suddenly changes when a colleague of the company, Misako Shimizu, finds out about the existence of another woman.
Ryoko Yanagi, the owner of a coffee shop. A female student I know, Kotori Hoshino. Makiko Endo, the female president of a large company. Aina Kamishima I met on a dating site.

Arahama spends his days suffering from the declaration of simultaneous marriage of five people.
She persuaded each of her to withdraw her marriage offer, but the last time she ended up having sex with Misako Shimizu, Ryoko Yanagi, and Kotori Hoshino, and the results were disappointing.

And this time as well, Arahama who has a bad habit is Makiko Endo who likes SM, Aina Kamishima who is serious in the daytime and duero at night.
Having a lot of sex with each abnormal woman, she is putting herself in a tight spot.
Arahama is crowded with five women.

What is the ending of “Muhfu ♪” that 1 men and 5 women decided to put their skin together under one roof !?