Dark Blue episode 1


“Please be sloppy.” Suzuka Aizawa, the courageous
student council president, and Goro Takamine, who came along as a leading teacher, confronted each other in the corridor of the villa.
The main character, Sekkyo Aizawa, was staring at it in a long way …

Yukitou came to the villa of his friend Reiya Ino, the son of the bank president, with his classmates.
However, his younger sister Kotomi Aizawa was humiliated and killed by someone, and there was news that the murderer had escaped near the villa, so he was stranded so that he could be trapped.

“Are you okay with Reiya?”
Otoha Kuonji, a girl who was the catalyst for Yukitou’s participation.
Although she was temporarily separated from her childhood friend, when she reunited as her classmate, she felt that her childhood feelings had not changed.
Yukitou stared at Otowa, who felt her responsibility as an invitee and cared for Reiya, who was unnecessarily exhausted and exhausted.

In fear and anxiety, the people trapped in the villa soon …