Dark Blue episode 2


“Yada, Reiya-kun, embarrassed” The caress unfolds in front of me
… The finger of a friend who fills in the breast of my favorite girl …
The fingers eventually slide down the moist and transparent limbs of Otoha and reach the mons pubis with a puffy bulge …
Otoha who shakes his knees … ..
“Yeah … okay …”
Yukitou opens up in astonishment … but … I just stared at her dear childhood friend being pierced by her friend’s cock into a woman …

behind her. Honestly standing in. He is firmly turning his arm around Yukitou’s neck with a force that is unsuitable for his delicate body … “Fufu … Yukitou
-sama, are you erected?” While being treated with a standing
meat stick … While showing off the entanglement of the beloved girl unfolding in front of me … While being
strangled … I kept staring at …

Yukitou appears in front of Otowa and Reiya.
“Otoha … I wonder if it’s okay.”
Otoha is confused by Yukitou, who seems to break between the two.
Reiya, who can afford it, leaves the place for the two of them … Otoha waits for words while being confused by Yukitou’s ponderous expression.
The body is wrapped in a shirt borrowed from Reiya. Yukitou approaches Otoha, who clenches her sleeves tightly …

“I’m sorry, too.”
Honoka, who falls down, shrinks and sits down while pressing her forehead against her floor.
Before that, there was Reiya looking down with a cold gaze …