Jitaku Keibiin 2 episode 2


“Ai Haibara Hikimori” attempted to break the engagement of his brother and sister “Reina Haibara” in order to protect the inheritance rights of the mansion.
Rena suffers from repeated acts.
Supporting her heart was the presence of her beloved fiancée.
However, that is the chance for home guards to take advantage of it.
Rena is caressed because her view is blocked.
Her loneliness of not seeing her fiancé makes her consciousness an illusion.
Rena indulges in her lust. While she panting indecently, she eventually falls into the hands of a home guard.
Her dignified gesture hides the noise, and she just turns into a female who devours her libido.
An innocent bride ahead of her wedding the next day.
She pours a male desire into her body, and her bridal gown is dyed cloudy …