Jitaku Keibiin 2 episode 8


Rena, Shiho, and Shieri were swallowed by sexual desire without any resistance in ○○ by Haibara Ai.
A guard who completely ruled the women.
But he had another problem.
He found an indication that his mother had died and that Rena was involved.
It’s Rena’s diary when she was young.
He questions the women to confirm the truth of the matter.
Rena vowed to abandon her fiancé and devote herself to her guardianship.
Shiho forgot her late husband and vowed to love her guardianship.
There is no doubt that the guardian asks for a meat stick with her mother and daughter.
But he doesn’t know.
The horror of the Haibara women.
A home guard who approaches the truth while filling his heart with anxiety.
Where he arrived, what was waiting for him …
A pure white weeding dress worn by a smiling bride.
The blood of the home guard dripping from the Japanese sword.